Hi, this is Angela Yang!

This is me! my favorite picture!

Who am I?

My name is Angela, I am a middle schooler in New Jersey, and life is great!

My Timeline

I went skiing again!
We started programming class.
Happy New Year! I went cruising in Bahama.
Robotics is awesome. We got a Robot Performance Reward!
My piano recital went very well.
I went skiing!

Schools Attented

  • Maurice Hawk Elementary School
  • Dutch Neck School
  • Village School
  • Community Middle School

I am learning HTML CSS Javascript Programming

Here is a concept document about CSS selectors - element selector, class selector, ID selector. div wrapper tag, and inline-block layout view | download

My Album

This is one my fabulous portraits1 This is one my fabulous portraits2

My collections

My Youtube Channel

Example webpage using javascript to draw a canvas

Where is my beautiful town?